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Testimonials from Youth Engagement Activities participants

‘Youth re-designing Public spaces’,
4 June 2022, Home for Cooperation


'I really enjoyed this workshop!! It was really creative and fun! It was very nice to meet everyone in person and make friends! ... I really liked the part of the "meeting circle" because I feel like it broke the ice and it made us feel even more comfortable! I really missed human contact after those difficult COVID years!'


'It was amazing, I really enjoyed and learnt some new skills.'


'I really enjoyed this workshop and i cannot wait to participate in more activities organized by UWC Cyprus. I liked the fact of having members from different backgrounds in every group. I've learnt how the life of my peers in the other half of my country is, as well as the difficulties that they face. Moreover, I realised that all of as have the same desires about our future world.' 


Photographing others: Portrait Photography Workshop, 
27 November 2022, Home for Cooperation


'It was amazing, and I’d 100% do it again! I enjoyed the diversity and how easy it was to get along with each member of the workshop. The experience overall was very organised and well-thought-out. I am very happy with this workshop.'


'I really liked the workshop and I had so much fun. I met new people and I learnt useful things about portrait photography.'


'I’m so glad that I participated in this workshop. It was helpful and I met with some friends.'