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‘Youth re-designing public spaces’ 4 June 2022

On Saturday, 4 June 2022, UWC Cyprus organised a workshop aiming to enable the creative expression of  youth voices in the use and design of common spaces!


The event was published as follows:

Have you ever wondered how we can make our cities and towns more livable for youth?
Would you like to use your creative and design skills to rethink your city?

If you are between 14 and 17 years old, join us for this fun workshop to express your ideas creatively and gain the following skills:

Sharpen your creative thinking and design;

Develop your presentation and teamwork skills;

Learn how to create a hybrid (3-D) collage;

Learn practical hands-on techniques such as cut-outs; origami; wooden structures; structures using pins and needles; weaving and knitting with threads and other material.


Workshop goals

The voice of youth is often unheard in the design and use of public spaces in cities and beyond. 

This workshop aims to address this gap by providing a space for young participants to reflect on the use of common spaces in Cyprus through their own unique perspective. 

The lead facilitator will provide participants with easy tools and techniques that will enable them to creatively express their ideas via the creation of hybrid collages. Participants will be guided during the creative process through collaborative activities in small groups. 

The workshop has been designed in collaboration by UWC Cyprus and Yiorgos Hadjichristou, an architect and professor at the university of Nicosia, as well as a board member of the NGO Urban Gorillas. Yiorgos shares his activities between practicing, teaching and activating architecture while he is engaged actively with social and environmental issues.

Participation is free but we encourage early applications as the places are limited.