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"Link it together" workshop 21 May 2023

EU Funded ‘Link it Together’ workshop

Connecting Circular Supply Chains to Reduce Food and Textile Waste

Took place on 21 May 2023, Home for Cooperation

Details of the workshop were published as follows:

Are you interested in learning ways to create a sustainable future? 

Does the concept of circularity and reducing waste sound intriguing?

If you are aged between 14-17 years old, we invite you to join us and:

Find out about the environmental impact of food waste and textile waste on our planet.

Gain an awareness of the role individuals can play in reducing waste and supporting sustainable practices.

Learn strategies for reducing personal waste in daily life.

Explore the intersectionality of food waste and textile use resources with our individual identities.

Connect with other like-minded individuals interested in sustainability!

Workshop description and goals

The workshop will focus on the environmental impact of food and textile waste and the role of circularity in creating a sustainable future. Participants will gain an understanding of the intersection of food and textile waste and the concept of a circular economy, and how it can be applied in the supply chain to reduce waste and promote sustainability. 

By examining the complex relationship between these issues and our personal experiences, participants will foster a deeper understanding of the social and cultural factors that contribute to waste and resource depletion.


The activity will also explore the ways in which all of us can contribute to reducing waste in our daily lives, and provide strategies to support these efforts. Alongside learning practical strategies for waste reduction, participants will have the chance to consider how taking an intersectional approach can inform and strengthen our efforts to build a more environmentally just world. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to connect with other like-minded individuals interested in sustainability, providing a space for community building and collective action towards a greener future. 

The workshop is funded by the European Union and is taking place in the framework of the
"EU Scholarship Programme for Cypriot Youth at UWC".