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What did past participants think of the UWC short course experience? 

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"We met a lot of people from different cultures and different countries, and we all go through different things, but we can all come together and strive for something bigger, for a project that we care about. And I think that this is the first program where I got to meet this many people of different backgrounds and it genuinely allowed me to understand humanity and how that all works."

- Participant, (Re)Imagining Community: Social Entrepreneurship, Summer 2021


"So I'd say I'm grateful for not only the people I met, but also for allowing me to figure out and find out passions that I never thought I would have. I was very stuck on and set on certain things, but it completely changed. And my perception on things completely changed after the course, which is something which I don't think people get to experience. And I think, especially at a young age, I'm really grateful that I was able to learn that."

- Participant, (Re)Imagining Community: Social Entrepreneurship, Summer 2021


"I liked learning about the design thinking process and how to do most things in different ways to solve a problem, find the solution. Also looking from different perspectives to the problem itself. I think I could use these skills in my future to benefit me." 

- Participant, (Re)Imagining Community: Social Entrepreneurship, Summer 2021