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UWC Short Courses


Between 2020 and 2024, UWC Cyprus will organise a series of online and residential short courses under the EU Scholarship Programme for Cypriot Youth at UWC. The courses are funded by the European Union and implemented by UWC. 

What are UWC Short Courses?

Offered around the world since 1978 and - since 2020 - online too, UWC short courses are a transformational opportunity to spread the UWC mission and values even further. 

With courses usually lasting between one and five weeks, you’ll experience the opportunity to:

  • Pursue a passion to progress global peace and sustainability;
  • Develop your leadership and change-maker skills;
  • Meet and collaborate with an international group of like-minded participants.

Our short courses offer everything that makes the UWC school experience unique, but without the academic programme. At the heart of all UWC short courses is an experience-based learning methodology. In other words, short courses look nothing like a traditional classroom learning experience but instead adapt to the specific theme, needs of the participants and local context.

All participants who complete a short course will become UWC alumni and join the international UWC community - and you will leave with new friends, new views, new skills, and a renewed belief that you can change your own life and the lives of those around you. 

See what past participants have to say!

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