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UWC Cyprus Scholarships

To apply for the UWC 2019-2021 scholarships offered by UWC Cyprus, please follow the instructions closely:

1. Visit the UWC application platform here.

2. To create a profile, click “Sign Up" at the top of the page:

  • Fill-out your information in the sign-up form
  • In "Time Zone" make sure you select "GMT+0200 Asia/Nicosia"
  • Check your email inbox for the confirmation email and click the link to login to your account.

3. To access the Applicant Information Form, click "Start" under "Actions":

  • Before completing the Applicant Information Form, make sure you meet our eligibility criteria for the 2019-2021 scholarships. (find the criteria here)
  • To be considered for the UWC Cyprus scholarships make sure you select "UWC National Committee System".

4. To view the UWC applications for which you are eligible, click "View Applications". You will see the UWC Cyprus Application Form only if your date of birth and citinezship/residency match our eligibility criteria.

5. To enter the UWC Cyprus Application Form page, click "Apply Now":

  • To add a recent picture, click "Add your logo". You can upload a file or take a picture using your webcam. Uploading a picture is optional and will not influence your application. After you upload a photo, click "Back" to go back to the application page.
  • To start filling out the Application Form, click "Start" under "Actions".
  • To save your application and continue later, you can click "Save & Continue Editing". You can get back to your application by logging in at, then click "Edit" and then "Continue" to view your application form.
  • Once you finish answering all the questions, click "Save & Exit" to go back to the application submission window. You will notice that the Progress status bar shows 50%.
  • You can always go back and view, edit or delete your application.

6. To submit your application for review, click "Submit UWC Cyprus Application". You will not be allowed to edit your application after your submit.

7. After you submit your application, make sure you receive the confirmation email saying that your application has been received. Our selection committee will review your application and contact you with a decision and next steps.

UWC Global Selection Program

Another option for applying to UWC is the UWC Global Selection Programme which is available for students who:

  • do not need a scholarship to attend UWC
  • wish to have entry results 9-12 months before the beginning of the school year
  • are looking to attend a specific UWC school or college

More information about application routes can be found at "Apply to study the IBDP at UWC" on UWC International's main website:

Whichever route a candidate chooses, the application will be assessed against UWC’s core selection criteria. Please note that a candidate may only submit one application per year to study the IB Diploma Programme at UWC. You may not apply through two different UWC national committees or through a UWC national committee and the UWC Global Selection Programme concurrently."


For application inquiries or additional information about UWC, you can contact us at