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Curriculum and Wellbeing Coordinator

UWC Cyprus is looking for a Curriculum and Wellbeing Coordinator to deliver the Residential UWC short course in July 2024

Diversity in Action: Youth Have a Voice!

Role: Curriculum and Wellbeing Coordinator x2


Dates and Commitment


May - June

Planning Phase

6 hours a week; incl. 1 to 2 online weekly meetings or trainings (time TBD)

4  July - 7 July

On-Site Training

Full time availability

8 July - 18 July

Course Dates

Full time availability


Honorarium: Coordinators will receive an honorarium upon completion of the course. Accommodation and meals during the training and short course will be covered by the EU Scholarship Programme for Cypriot Youth at UWC. Other course-related expenses, including travel, will be reimbursed in agreement with the Project Coordinator and upon submission of receipts upon completion of the course. 

Training: The team will receive both virtual and on-site training on facilitation, safeguarding, and conflict resolution. Coordinators are expected to contribute to these training with their areas of expertise.


Position Overview: 

The Curriculum and Wellbeing Coordinator plays a crucial role in supporting the designing, implementing, and supporting the management of the curriculum of this residential course for youth. This role involves developing engaging and educational content while also ensuring the holistic well-being of the participants and facilitators alike. The Coordinator will collaborate with various stakeholders to create a positive and enriching learning experience. The Coordinator will work closely with the Educational Projects Coordinator to maintain the good flow of the programme and communicate with participants and parents during the short course. 


Curricular Development:

Develop the high-level programme and learning experience of the course. You will design and decide on learning outcomes and outputs. You will assist and coach more junior facilitators in the design and delivery of facilitation activities. 


Logistics and Outreach:

Coordinate and implement practical elements of the short course, including venue, catering and transportation. You will organize relevant field trips and guest speakers that enrich the short course experience and offer opportunities for community engagement. Using your knowledge of the local context, you will help assure the learning programme is nuanced and relevant. 


Safeguarding and Risk Management:

Assure the health and safety of the participants and facilitators. You will help implement the UWC Standards for Safeguarding and a course-specific Safeguarding policy. You will ensure that all participants and facilitators have a proper understanding of safeguarding and are able to respond to any concerns or issues with discretion and care. All coordinators are expected to act as Designated Safeguarding Leads and to complete the required online, asynchronous training by UWC International on safeguarding.


Coordinators take a step back from the day-to-day facilitation of the workshops and instead provide space and support for the facilitator team. 



  • Create the educational curriculum according to the concept note in collaboration with the Educational Project Coordinator.
  • Content Creation: Create interactive and dynamic learning materials, including lesson plans, presentations, activities, and resources, to engage and educate participants. Be willing to support the team during the implementation of the activities. 
  • Adaptation: Regularly assess the effectiveness of the curriculum and make necessary adjustments to address the evolving needs of the participants and the course.
  • Wellbeing Integration: Integrate elements of mental, emotional, and social well-being into the curriculum to support the holistic development of participants. Create a wellbeing plan for the participants. Hav a close relationship with the participants' parents in the group.Support and facilitate the wellbeing of the students in case of emergencies or accidents. 
  • Coordination: Work closely with the facilitators, participants, and other team members to ensure seamless coordination and integration of curriculum and wellbeing initiatives.
  • Assessment and Feedback: Develop assessment methods to measure participant progress and provide constructive feedback to enhance their learning journey.
  • Support Services: Offer relevant support to the Educational Project Coordinator with the administration process of the documentation and communication with the students. 
  • Monitoring and Reporting: Keep track of participant engagement, progress, and overall. satisfaction, and provide regular reports to the course Educational Projects Coordinator.


  • Bachelor's degree in Education, Communication, Psychology, Peace studies,  or a related field (Master's preferred).
  • Experience in curriculum design, preferably in youth education or development programmes.
  • Strong understanding of youth development, mental health, and well-being principles.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to work collaboratively and effectively with diverse stakeholders.
  • Organizational and time-management skills to manage multiple tasks and deadlines.
  • Proficiency in using relevant educational technology and tools.
  • Proficiency in English 
  • Good understanding of the Cypriot context and proficiency in Greek and/or Turkish language



  • Opportunity to shape the educational experience for youth and contribute to their holistic development.
  • Collaborative and dynamic work environment.
  • Professional growth and development opportunities.
  • Impactful role within a transformative learning initiative.

How to Apply


Interested applicants must fill an online application form

Deadline: 1 May 2024


Shortlisted applicants will be invited for a video interview. 

Please note: Successful applicants will have to undergo a background and/or reference check.


Contact Details

For any questions, please contact Anna Michael, Educational Projects Coordinator, at