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Who we are

We are a diverse group of UWC alumni and volunteers from all perspectives-culture, gender, age, and UWC affiliation, we are committed to spreading UWC values through all functions of the UWC Cyprus Committee. We are looking for motivated, passionate and creative students from Cyprus who embrace the UWC ideals and are looking to make their impact in the world!

UWC Cyprus is committed to the UWC Mission to make education a force to unite people and cultures for peace and a sustainable future. We share, support, and promote UWC values:

  1. International and intercultural understanding

  2. Celebration of difference

  3. Personal responsibility and integrity

  4. Mutual responsibility and respect

  5. Compassion and service

  6. Respect for the environment

  7. A sense of idealism

  8. Personal challenge

  9. Action and personal example